WFC 2013

08 April 2013

For those of you who can't wait for the Women's World Floorball Championship in December and already own tickets for this biggest floorball event of 2013 in the Czech Republic, the organizers of the ISOLINE Euro Floorball Tour in Brno have an exclusive offer!

04 April 2013

The second largest city in the Czech Republic with its renowned but hardly comprehensible dialect is a traditional centre of professional sports. Apart from the extraleague ice-hockey team of Kometa, Brno is also the home of the thirteen-time women's basketball champions from the district of Žabovřesky, as well as of the Tango futsal team. So it's not surprising that Brno is one of the host cities of the Women's World Floorball Championship. Sport simply feels at home in Brno. But what to do when your team are enjoying their rest in the busy championship schedule?

02 April 2013

The Czech Republic is getting ready for this year's championship and as a part of its preparation for the event it will host a „test tournament“. It is the next Euro Floorball Tour tournament that is going to take place in late April right at the venue of the December's World Floorball Championship, i.e. in Brno's Vodova municipal arena. The spectators will therefore have a chance to taste the atmosphere of the forthcoming championship more than half a year in advance.

06 March 2013

The official ballot that took place at Ostrava Municipal hall decided the structure of groups for the Women's World Championships. The balloting was carried out in the presence of media by the president of the IFF, Tomas Eriksson with assistance of the CFbU president Filip Šuman and special guests: deputy mayor of the city of Ostrava Ing. Martin Štěpánek, Ph.D. and deputy chairman of the senate of the Czech Republic Ing. Zdeněk Škromach. For the very first time a new system of the World Championships with distribution of teams into groups according to ranking was implemented.

01 March 2013

Vojtěch Dyk, famous mostly for his activities in the popular music band Nightwork, became the patron of the Women's World Floorball Championships which will take place in the Czech Republic in December. This twenty-eight years old singer and actor in the National theatre has taken the patronage over from Ivan Trojan who played the same role during the men's WFC five years ago. 

01 March 2013

Not even ten months before the women's World Championships, which will take place in December in the Czech Republic, Brno and Ostrava, starts. It is Ostrava where the official ballot of groups will take happen on March 5. The sixteen teams will be divided into four groups of for in the presence of the IFF president Tomas Eriksson and the Czech Floorball Union president Filip Šuman.

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Ostrava - City of sport

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