WFC 2013

07 December 2013

The first match of the Women's World Championships in Brno was played by the national teams of Japan and Denmark. Not only did they start the entire Championships, but also the battles in group D. The spectators saw an interesting game with quite a few goals from the very beginning. But from the second period the Danes took over the activity and with their accurate and creative play they led the game to a victorious end. They kept increasing their lead and the final score 11:2 speaks for itself.

Despite the Japanese goalie showed many good saves, she couldn't resist the Danish pressure. The game opener was scored by Maria Olausson, who sent her team into an early lead in the 4th minute. But Japan didn't hesitate and tied the score at 1:1 only a half a minute later with a goal by Midori Sawaguchi. But since then the Danes found their pace and showed their dominance on the court.

The Danish players ruled the game in the middle period and controlled the ball for most of the time. The Japanese team tried to rely on tight defence as much as they could but they couldn't resist the Danish pressure forever.

The Danes tirelessly occupied the Japanese half of the court and even the youngest Danish player Caroline Christoffersen scored a goal. Some others were then scored in power plays. The Danes managed to score twelve times but since the twelfth goal came after the final horn, they could celebrate a victory by 11:2.

The most productive Danish player Cecilia di Nardo shared her comments on the game with us: “We played against Japan at the previous Championships already, so we knew how to play against them.” More in a video interview on Youtube.

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