WFC 2013

07 December 2013

The match between Australia and Hungary was a real drama. The Australians entered the game with greater determination and from the very beginning they were more productive. But the last period witnessed an attempted turnover with the Hungarians scoring a few quick goals and thus putting the Australian victory into jeopardy.  However, they didn't have enough time to tie the game, which ended in an Australian victory by 10:7.

Throughout the game both teams played a very active floorball with lots of running, dangerous shots and great saves by goalies. From the opening face-off both teams were trying to tilt the scales to their side and the Australians were luckier; with ten minutes into the game they managed to score three times already. The play was up and down and Hungary got into several scoring opportunities, which they failed to convert though. Another goal was added at the end of the opening period by the most experienced Australian player, Tash Glass. With two periods to go the result looked quite clear – 4:0. 

In an unlucky start of the middle period the Hungarians had a player sent off and Australia managed to convert the power play and increased their lead to 5:0. The longed-for Hungarian goal came in the seventh minute when Tímea Pintye's shot ended in the net. This provided a glimmer of hope for a turn in the score and raised the morale of the Hungarian players, who started to tackle more actively. Both sides then played a power play, in which the Hungarians closed the gap to 2:5 before conceding again in penalty killing. The first Australian line added the sixth goal after a nice combination finished by Tara Keogh into the empty net. And before the horn Jessica Laidler recorded her second goal of the game.

In the last period team Hungary increased their pressure and scored a goal in the 13th minute – their celebration was a bit premature though; the goal was disallowed due to a player in the crease.  But they didn't slacken their efforts and a while later they were rewarded with a goal reducing the score to 4:8. After team Hungary's time out the Australians conceded again, this time from an own goal. Then came the sixth Hungarian goal and the Australian national team started to worry about their win. In the last minute Liza Pecsenya reduced the score and Australia had no choice but to take a time out too. Hungarians pulled their goalie, but the duo Jessica Laidler and Tash Glass buried their hopes and ensured a 10:7 victory for Australia.

The most productive Australian player and scorer of the last two goals, Jessica Laidler, commented on the game: “In the first two periods we scored many goals and kind of rested on our laurels, which we almost paid dearly for. Fortunately we managed to win the game.”  More in an interview here.

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