WFC 2013

07 December 2013

One of the biggest crowd-pullers of the World Championships and an always tense Nordic derby was played on the very first day of the WFC already. The group A game, in which Sweden faced Finland, ended in an unexpectedly clear win by the reigning world champions from Sweden. After an unconvincing first period they led the game into an easy 8:2 win.

The Nordic derby started at a cracking pace. During the first five minutes several hoots could be heard from the stands because, apparently, the spectators in Brno are not really used to the aggressiveness of international games. During the first eight minutes the Swedes didn't let the Finnish goalie Jonna Mäkelä rest at all. But like in the entire first period the queen of the Finnish crease showed several excellent saves, which the fans in Brno appreciated with a great applause. But still the Finns were close to conceding when the defender Mia Karjalainen broke her stick so unluckily that the ball was scooped by a forechecking Swedish forward. But the first goal didn't come.

The first change in the score came in the 24th minute only, when the elite Swedish line, Jakobsson – Mattsson – Lindström, showed their strength. The first of them sent a smart pass to Mattsson, who brushed by the Finnish defence and succeeded in a face-to-face encounter with the Finnish goalie. And during the next four minutes the score changed two more times. First Anna Wijk sent an accurate shot from the boards and then Mattsson scored her second. After the third goal the Finnish coach Karo Kuussaari (you can have a look at his interview here) took a time out to calm his players down a bit. However, this effort was not successful because only a while later Uimonen made a mistake on her crease. When trying to trap the ball before the forechecking Swedish player she played with a high stick and the referees Alexander Bienkowski and Marek Chromnicki awarded her a two-minute penalty. In the power play Sweden showed a quick combination finished by Iza Rydfjäll's accurate shot to make it 4:0. The successful Swedish period was concluded by the fifth goal by Anna Jakobsson.

More than a thousand of spectators were watching a Swedish spectacle, in which the Finns presented themselves as physically fit players, who were, however, not capable of posing a real threat to their opponents. The Swedish national team captain, Josefina Eiremo, spoke highly about the atmosphere: “It was very nice. There were quite a few people here and quite a noise.”  More in an interview here. And the spectators were heard with less than a minute into the final period when Elina Kujala ended her team's goalless spell. Shortly after that she was followed by Katri Luomaniemi, who turned a big blunder in the Swedish defence into the second Finnish goal, making it 2:5. But since then only players in blue and yellow colours were successful and added three more goals.

The first of the attractive games of the first tournament day, together with the encounter between the Czech Republic and Norway, thus ended in quite a clear 8:2 win by the reigning world champions from Sweden.

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