WFC 2013

01 March 2013

Not even ten months before the women's World Championships, which will take place in December in the Czech Republic, Brno and Ostrava, starts. It is Ostrava where the official ballot of groups will take happen on March 5. The sixteen teams will be divided into four groups of for in the presence of the IFF president Tomas Eriksson and the Czech Floorball Union president Filip Šuman.

The ballot is the first important event that should catch attention of the public. There were five teams that did not have to go through qualifications. Apart from the home team of the Czech Republic these were according to their results in the last WFC teams of Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and Norway. All the other countries had to fight for their participation.

There were two groups of six in the European part. Latvia, Slovakia, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Russia and Hungary got through – which was more or less according to our expectations. The luckiest team was Germany who as coming to the WFC as the best team of those on the forth place. On the other hand, Hungary was unlucky. The European qualifications offered quite a dramatic show. Slovakia had to worry about their advance until the very last match and finally ended up second after their conquerors from Latvia.

In the American part Canada beat the USA twice and can as well look forward to the Championships and the only representative of floorball overseas. It will come to the Czech Republic as a newcomer to the elite group. The remaining three spots are occupied by Japan, Australia and South Korea. It will bet a first time team for the last mentioned team. The fourth team that did not make it though in the Asian qualifications was Singapore. 

The ballot will take place on March 5, beginning 12 a.m. at the municipal house in Ostrava. Several important guests will be present at this event. Apart from the already mentioned presidents Filip Šuman and Tomas Eriksson there will be members of the WFC organizing committee, representatives of the city of Ostrava and representatives of the Czech team – the coach Markéta Šteglová and players Zuzana Macurová and Denisa Billá. The whole event can be watched live on the official website of the Championships


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