WFC 2013

08 December 2013

The German national team have won their second match at the World Championships as well and they lead the group D table with four points from two games. But they didn't have the best of starts into the game and the tenacious Japanese players were causing them significant trouble. However, as the game progressed the Germans showed their quality and won the game by 6:3 in the end. Two goals into the Japanese net were scored by Pauline Baumgarten.

Japan were rewarded for their fierce effort and were the first to go into the lead. Yui Goto opened the score five minutes into the game. The Germans responded only a minute later with a goal by Laura Neumann. The beginning of the game had a thrilling pace. With less than two minutes from the German goal Japan went into the lead again. Yui Takahashi sent the bouncing ball into the net.

Then the Germans finally took over the activity and created a great pressure, for which they were rewarded with two goals. Pauline Baumgartner tied the score at 2:2 in the 8th minute and only a minute later Madeleine Heiskanen sent the German team into the lead. Despite the Japanese coach Yoshino Takanobu reacted with a change of the goalie after the third goal, Japan conceded one more time before the end of the opening period.

In the second period Japan long resisted the German pressure, often on the margin of self-sacrifice. And this is also why they didn't concede a goal until the 31st minute. Then Pauline Baumgarten scored her second goal of the game and sent her team into a three-goal lead. The rest of the second period was also marked with significant German pressure, but without a goal effect.

The third period continued in the same spirit. The Germans were still having a hard time finding their way through the relentless Japanese defence and added just one more goal into the net guarded by Chisato Omyama. And because Team Japan also managed to score once, the game ended with a German win by 6:3. “The beginning was quite surprising for us but we knew we were capable of turning the score around,” Pauline Baumgarten, the best player of the German team, commented on her team's slow start. More in the interview here.

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