WFC 2013

08 December 2013

No, it wasn't supposed to be revenge. It was still “just” a regular group B game. Except for the fact that the game featured two teams that fought for bronze medals at the previous World Championships in Switzerland. And it was the Swiss players who then lost the game in front of the home fans and ended in tears. And despite there is still a lot of time left until the bronze medal game, this match most probably decided about the group B winner, who will have an easier opponent for the semifinals. And after two goals by Silvana Nötzli this privilege will most probably go to the Swiss team.

2,528 spectators at Vodova Arena in Brno were loudly supporting the Czech national team right from the warm-up to help them on their way to the partial goal set for the preliminary group stage – to beat Switzerland. And the Czechs weren't far from achieving it. They even went into the lead in the 11th minute after a great backward pass by Anna Niemcová, which Lucie Paulovičová converted into a powerful shot that almost tore the net behind Monika Schmid. But the Czechs didn't keep the lead long because the Swiss captain Silvana Nötzli again proved why she is one of the world's best defenders. She used the chaos in front of the goal created by Seraina Ulber and levelled the score with not a really hard but accurate shot.

The match didn't lack aggressiveness and effort, the play on the court was up and down, and the loud fans rewarded both teams' scoring opportunities and saves with a strong applause. Especially both goalies deserved much of the applause. Both the Czech Jana Christianová and the Swiss Monika Schmid were excelling themselves in their goals. On the other hand, snipers on both sides apparently had wet gunpowder in their guns. But still there was one player who outperformed the others. In the 44th minute Silvana Nötzli escaped along the right board and with her super-accurate wrist she sent a shot right below Christianová's hand. The Czech goalie was reproaching herself for this goal by her former teammate from the Swiss club Red Ants in a post-match interview (you can watch it here): “I simply should be able to catch such a shot,” she sighed. On the other hand, her teammate Krupnová was reproaching her team's scoring impotence. (watch the interview here)

The Czechs were trying hard to level the score. They even had a power play after Flurina Marti's reckless foul on Anet Jarolímová when the Czech team played with a pulled goalie. The Czechs then tried to play with an advantage of two players but their efforts to tie the score were denied by the perfectly working Swiss defence commanded by Monika Schmid. Although a draw would suit more to this tight game, Switzerland recorded a narrow victory 2:1.

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