WFC 2013

08 December 2013

At the beginning of the game the Canadians surprised their opponents and scored their very first goal at this WFC. Karley Ronnenberg was the lucky scorer. But then the Danes started to draw from their better floorball skills and floorball advancement. They tied the score quickly and then turned it around.

The overseas players gradually started losing the ground and only scarcely managed to create a hustle in front of the Danish goal after dumping in a long ball. The Europeans kept increasing their lead and scored from a nicely executed penalty shot awarded for playing in the goalkeeper area.

In the second part Canada didn't get to almost any chance and the Danes increased their lead to 8:1. The fans also saw power plays on both sides, but ironically the Scandinavians were dominating both these situations.

In the final period the Danes slackened their efforts and were deservedly punished for it. After an unconverted penalty for roughing they weren't aggressive enough in front of their goal and Karley Ronnenberg again made the group of Canadian fans happy.

But then Cecilia Di Nardo decided to get into the centre of attention and in cooperation with Annika Bengtsson she scored three goals within 90 seconds. Denmark thus created a ten-goal lead, which they maintained until the final whistle and won 12:2.

Nevertheless, the Canadian players are excited about their chance to play at the World Championships. “We're getting better game by game and it's a great experience for us,” the author of two Canadian goals, Karley Ronnenberg, said. You can watch the rest of the interview here.

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