08 December 2013

Last year a mutual game ended in a Latvian victory. But this year the card turned around and Norway climbed up to the third place in group B after winning 7:0. The Latvian failure was caused mainly by inaccurate passing and wrong positional play. So, the Norwegians made up for their yesterday's loss against the Czech Republic.

The whole game was virtually decided with only a few minutes into the game – Latvia conceded two quick goals by the Norwegian forward Henriette Knudsen. After the third goal in their net Latvia even took a time out. But despite the coach Janis Freivalds tried to encourage his players to bigger aggressiveness, the Latvians didn't manage to turn the score around and, what is more, they allowed two more goals in the opening period.

The second period started at a cracking pace – the Latvian players couldn't hold their nerves and were venting their frustration on their opponents. We, therefore, witnessed several dangerous falls over the board and broken sticks. The Latvians were thus awarded several penalties. Norway converted the last one by scoring from a nice combination and increased the gap to 6 goals. There was apparent nervousness in the Latvian defence, which didn't ease up on its aggressiveness and fought for every ball. The score hence didn't change and remained 6:0 after two periods.

In the third part Latvia played much better and the Norwegians were struggling in finishing. The score didn't change until the 16th minute when Ida Karevold scored her first goal of the game from a backhand tip-in. Norway thus increased their lead by another goal and sealed their first victory at this year's WFC. The Norwegian captain Anette Berg commented on the game: “This match didn't have a clear favourite, it was fifty-fifty. But unlike in the game against the Czech Republic this time we were productive offensively.” More in an interview here.