WFC 2013

09 December 2013

Not only did the Norwegian national team attract us with their games, but also with the amount of their photos on social networks. Every day we find a great number of behind-the-scenes snapshots from the Norwegian team on Facebook and Instagram under the #WFC2013 hashtag.

After the match against Switzerland we asked the coach Lars Patric Jonsson about who administers the Instagram and Facebook accounts.

“We have a closed Facebook group where every team member can upload photos. And back at home in Norway we have Lars, who has become a father recently and therefore cannot be here with us. He goes through the photos, picks some and posts them on Instagram. So, everyone from our team can be the author of a photo – players as well as team staff.”

The Norwegian team also thought about writing a blog, but posting pictures is much easier. Despite taking pictures may seem to distract the players' attention, according to their coach this is not the case. The players usually make pictures at the hotel or in their free time during the tournament. During the warm-ups and games it's only the substitutes who take pictures.

The Norwegian players have quite a few comments and likes both on Facebook and Instagram, but according to Patric they don't really follow it. He doesn't even know how much Instagram is trending in Norway because he doesn't use it himself.

And from Instagram and the #WFC2013 hashtag we learned that the Norwegian team went to the Brno Zoo on Sunday before the match against Latvia.

“It was mine and the captain's idea. We were thinking about what to do between the games in Brno, instead of just lying in the hotel. Although there were not many animals to be seen in this cold weather, it's close to the hotel, so we variegated our programme a bit.”

The Norwegians don't have any further definite plans but they would definitely like to go somewhere in Ostrava. But they don't know where yet. So, far they've really liked it in the Czech Republic.

“The opening game against the Czechs in front of two and a half thousand spectators was unbelievable. These moments are what we play floorball for and why we give all our energy into it.”

We also surprised Patric with our question whether they plan anything special for social networks on 12th December when Oda Langaker celebrates her birthday. Apparently there is no plan, but he revealed another interesting ritual of the Norwegian team.

“Every evening we give each other Christmas gifts. In Norway all players had a task to buy a gift and now we give them to each other gradually. I even think it's my turn tonight.”

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