WFC 2013

09 December 2013

The battle for the first points in group C concluded the tournament schedule in Brno's Arena B. The Wednesday's play-off matches will be played only in Brno's Arena A. Hungary met Korea and were surprised by their opponents at the very beginning. Despite they were rather controlling the game, they let the Koreans tip in the ball three times and suddenly they were a goal down. After turning the score around the Koreans once again returned to the game following a mistake by the Hungarian goalie.

Then it was the Koreans themselves who helped their opponents get back into the lead. They made two silly mistakes, lost the ball, and the Europeans went into the lead, which they didn't give back. Even a time out was of no help for the Koreans. Hungary then didn't convert a penalty shot when Veronika Vladár shot very soon and hit the goalie only. But confusion in Korean substitution gave the fifth goal to the Hungarians.

Korea changed their goalies for the second period, but Sun Woo Lee couldn't save the Asians from further goals. At the turn of the seventh and eighth minute the spectators saw two penalty shots within 50 seconds, one on each side. Neither of them was converted, although the Hungarian Vértesi made a deke on the goalie, but the ball slipped off her stick and missed the goal by a few inches. But still it was the Hungarians who kept increasing their lead up to 11:2.

After the break the Koreans again changed their goalies, as is usual for them at this tournament. But neither this change, nor the persisting support of a bunch of Czech spectators could save them from the gradually increasing score. In the end the score stopped at 16:3 for Hungary. The captain Brigitta Radácsi was satisfied with her team's performance: “Today we played our game and managed to convert scoring opportunities.” If you want to know Hungarian objectives for next matches, watch the video interview.

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