WFC 2013

11 December 2013

The first game in Ostrava saw a Canadian victory by 11:0 against Korea and recorded their second win at the tournament. In tomorrow's game Canada will fight for the final 13th position. They started their way towards victory in the opening period already, in which they scored seven goals. Victoria Chapman contributed to the clear win with five points.

The paper favourites from Canada didn't really dominate on the court in the first period, but still they were better and managed to prove it in finishing. The opening goal was scored after 160 seconds by Sonja Hotke. The Canadians then eased up on their effort for a while, but then added two more goals within half a minute and Korea couldn't recover.

Quite the opposite. Canada kept adding goals in rapid succession. It can't be said that Korea wouldn't make any offensive efforts, but their players simply were not fast enough and lacked deliberation in finishing. Although they suffered a high defeat 0:11, the shots ratio was more balanced – 18:21.

Victoria Chapman was named the player of the match and commented not only on the match but also on the move from Brno all teams had to undergo. “Travelling is nothing new for us, so the transfer to Ostrava was without problems,” she said. “The entire tournament is a valuable experience for us, we're enjoying it,” Chapman, who scored two goals and added three assists, commented with a smile. More in the interview here. From the Korean team we talked to Cho Ji Sun (interview here).

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