WFC 2013

11 December 2013

You could count on the fingers of one hand how many times the Latvians posed a threat to the Swedish goal. The Scandinavians didn't really rush either and defeated their opponents in a calm atmosphere.

Wijk and Karlsson calmed their team down with two goals and Mattsson increased the lead to 3:0 with a minute to go in the first period. The image of the game didn't change in the second period either. Right at the beginning the spectators saw a penalty shot. Although Anna Wijk beat Monta Cerna with a backhand deke, the ball moved back during the shot and was disallowed. The Latvians then again only defended deep in their half, while the Swedes kept passing deliberately and from time to time they scored. Only at the end they plucked up their courage and hit the crossbar from a breakaway.

Early in the third period the Swedes added their tenth goal, but then they eased up and Diana Isjomina scored from an isolated offensive play. The second Latvian goal was scored by Luize Bilinska with a beautiful backhand deke from a penalty shot awarded for slashing. So, the Baltic players scored twice from six shots. But the Swedes controlled their victory.

“Scoring a goal against Sweden, the world's best team, is a great experience,” Diana Isjomina was still satisfied after the match (you can play the entire interview here ). “The Latvians were trying hard but we have a clear goal – gold medals,” the best Swedish player Anna Wijk said after the game (you can view the interview with her here).

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