WFC 2013

02 April 2013

The Czech Republic is getting ready for this year's championship and as a part of its preparation for the event it will host a „test tournament“. It is the next Euro Floorball Tour tournament that is going to take place in late April right at the venue of the December's World Floorball Championship, i.e. in Brno's Vodova municipal arena. The spectators will therefore have a chance to taste the atmosphere of the forthcoming championship more than half a year in advance.



Women's floorball elite will gather in Brno between April 26 and 28. The teams of Finland, Sweden, Switzerland and the Czech Republic will play six games and the players will have the opportunity to entice the audience to come and see the December's championship as well. The Vodova municipal sports arena with a capacity of 2900 seats hosted, for example, the group stage of the recent Women's World Basketball Championship, where the Czechs won silver medals.

Moreover, this sports arena in Brno is a stronghold of Czech floorball. In the long-term, it has been experiencing the highest attendance in the men's extraleague, thanks to Brno Bulldogs, who use it as its home ground. In February, the arena experienced another success by breaking the record attendance of the women's extraleague at Sokol Židenice's home game.

Spectators in Brno will see the five-time world champions from Sweden, who will fight for their fourth consecutive title at the December's championship. Their biggest rivals will be the Finns, the two-time world champions, whose last title, however, dates back to twelve years ago. The floorball elite will be complemented by Switzerland and, of course, by the home team of the Czech Republic.

As a part of the accompanying programme, the Moravian capital will also see a match between the junior teams of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The juniors will thus continue to build their new team, whose climax is to come at next year's championship in Poland.

Advance ticket sale has already been launched. Daily tickets are available for 100 CZK, whereas the tournament ticket (all days) costs 200 CZK. Children up to 140 cm have free access. Tickets in advance sale can be purchased at the tournament website at

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