WFC 2013

12 December 2013

Slovakia beat Denmark 4:3 in overtime and tomorrow they will face Russia in the 9th place game. The Slovaks got into a three-goal lead in the first period, which they wasted during the game, however. What is more, four seconds before the end of regulation the referees awarded a penalty shot for Denmark. But Maria Olausson didn't succeed and the match went to overtime, in which Milota Hutirová scored the game winning goal.

The Slovaks entered the game quite well. Milota Hutirová opened the score in the fourth minute with a power play goal and sent her team into the lead. Slovakia were quite successful in finishing in the first period. In the 11th minute Michaela Šponiarová increased the score to 2:0 and after Alžbeta Ďuriková's goal Slovakia were three goals up. On the other hand the Danes were helpless in the offence during the first 15 minutes. Their first goal was scored by Annika Bengtsson three minutes before the first intermission.

In the middle period spectators didn't see a goal. The Slovaks were still slightly outplaying their opponents but couldn't add another goal. In the third period we witnessed a very aggressive floorball, often on the margin of rules. Emotions were apparent on both sides and while the Danes felt they have a chance to close the gap, the Slovaks played as if worried about the result. A punishment came quite soon. In the 50th minute Helle Gronbech made use of the lax attitude of Slovak defenders and scored the second Danish goal.

Denmark didn't give up and in the 56th minute they could celebrate their equalizer – the captain Mette Faurholt tied the game at 3:3. The match was heading towards the overtime, but with only four seconds left in the game the referees awarded a penalty shot to Denmark after high-sticking by Alexandra Ferencová. But Olausson didn't score and Ferencová's penalty shot in the overtime ended with the same result. The decision came at 66:55, after a goal by Milota Hutirová. So, the dramatic game was won by the Slovaks in the end.

“It wasn't easy for us to focus on the game following the unlucky loss against Latvia. But we managed,” Miroslava Kadučáková, the key Slovak defender, who suffered a minor injury in the third period, said after the game with satisfaction. But she unselfishly returned to the game to help her team win the match (full interview). Annika Bengtsson from team Denmark: “Three quick Slovak goals decided.” (full interview here)

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