WFC 2013

12 December 2013

The main attribute of the match for the final 15th position was enormous effort. Both teams played very active floorball with lots of running, but Japanese players managed to make use of their experience, and unlike the Koreans they converted their chances.

Not much was left and the match could've been held in Asian style in all aspects. But in the end the referees from Singapore were nominated for the game between Australia and Russia. So, this little Asian championship was refereed by the pair from Denmark. And in the second minute already they witnessed Korean celebrations after a goal by Sunhwa Park. Less than a minute later Midori Sawaguchi tied the score and started a series of Japanese goals. By the end of the first period they scored two more times. Especially Yui Goto's contribution was significant, because she prepared both goals. “We really had to run a lot, it wasn't an easy match,” she commented after the game (more here).

Japan decided to play defensively and let the Koreans control the game, and this proved to be a master stroke by the Japanese coach Yoshino. The Koreans struggled in finishing, whereas Japan relied on breakaways and celebrated one goal after another. They managed to find the net five times and finished on the 15th position at the ninth Women's World Floorball Championships.

The Koreans ended on the last, sixteenth, position at their first World Championships. But the Korean Sunhwa Park (full interview here) wasn't hanging her head after the game: “It's a valuable experience for us. Every game is important for us, even if we lose.”

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