12 December 2013

Despite German players announced before the match that they will fight for the injured defender Katja Timmel, who couldn't play at the World Championships due to her injury, they didn't succeed. They conceded eight times from their Swiss opponents, while not scoring a single goal. The winners from Switzerland will meet Finland in the semifinal.

The cards have been dealt in the same way again. The same teams, members of the world's top 4, have gone through the tricky quarterfinal stage. On Saturday, the semifinal matches will feature the Czech Republic against Sweden and Finland against Switzerland.

And the way towards the Swiss win was surprisingly easy. Despite the Germans started the game actively and it seemed they may cause some troubles to the favourites from Switzerland, the reverse was true. The determination or even fond hopes started to perish in the second minute already, after Corin Rüttimann found some space in the centre of the court and with a shot from the slot sent the ball into Svenja Zell's net. The Germans had several opportunities to threaten their opponents' goal, but the Swiss defence, in cooperation with the goalie Bircher, didn't allow any drama. And when Tanja Stella in cooperation with Seraina Ulber outwitted the German defenders in the 17th minute, Switzerland went into a two-goal lead.

The second and third period continued in the same spirit. Swiss players settled on their offensive half and the Germans only set out to occasional breakaways, which they didn't manage to convert into goals, however. “We focused on defence, but we knew in advance that with our young team we simply cannot compare ourselves with Switzerland,” the German coach Simon Brechbühler summarized the game (more here). On the other hand, Switzerland kept adding one goal after another.

“It's great to be better in something than the Germans,” gushed Seraina Ulber, the scorer of two goals (more here), and continued: “You know, they're better in football and other sports, but in floorball we're simply better!”

Switzerland managed to score eight times, didn't concede a single goal and advanced to the semifinals.