15 December 2013

The final of the ninth Women's World Floorball Championships was dominated by Sweden, who overcame Finland 5:1 in the Nordic derby. Yet again, the Swedish elite line contributed to the victory significantly. Players led by the coach Curt Söderström triumphed deservedly after dominating the entire tournament. The Swedes thus successfully followed their work from the previous World Championships, won their fourth consecutive world title and remain the queens of women's floorball.

Seven minutes later the Swedes celebrated their second goal, again with contribution by Anna Jakobssen. She virtually directed the Swedish triumph, completed a hat trick, and contributed to her team's four goals overall. The first Swedish line was unstoppable again.

In the 50th minute the Swedes went into a three-goal lead, which proved to be decisive. Although the Finns managed to reduce the score late in the game, they pulled their goalie, but it wasn't enough to turn the score around. On the other hand Sweden secured their win with two more goals and won the final by 5:1.

The Swedish team leader Emelie Lindström had a great tournament again. After the match she was full of joy. “My feelings are great, we played a perfect game today,” she said with satisfaction. She's been enjoying the World Championships in all aspects. “The atmosphere was great here,” she said. And she predicts a great future for the Swedish team. “There are many young players in the team and they will be even stronger at the next championships,” she added with a smile (full interview).

“Today our performance against Sweden was better than in the previous match,” the quick Finnish forward Eliisa Alanko commented on the game. “In the first period we played according to what what the coaches told us. But in the second period we made several mistakes and the Swedes managed to punish them,” she tried to find the causes of their loss (full interview).

Author: Gusta Ondrejčík