WFC 2013

20 August 2013

There will be at least 16 TV matches during the Women´s World Floorball Championships and at least five countries will broadcast WFC matches.

It is not yet possible to tell which channels the TV will use and discussions are still ongoing with Norway, Russia, Poland and Switzerland about the group matches.

The Latvian TV might also take the Latvian quarter-final if they are playing and discussions ongoing with other possible QF teams.


This is what the TV situation looks like at the moment:

Sat 7/12 
14:00 CET        SWE - FIN        TV4 Swe, YLE Fin
17:00 CET        CZE - NOR        CTV Cze
20:00 CET        SUI - LAT         LTV Lat
Sun 8/12
14:00 CET        RUS - FIN         YLE
17:00 CET        CZE - SUI         CTV
20:00 CET        NOR - LAT        LAT
Mon 9/12
17:00 CET        FIN - POL         YLE
20:00 CET        LAT - CZE        CTV, LTV

Wed 11/12    
17:00 CET        Q3 (Finland if playing)   YLE
20:00 CET        Q1 (Sweden, if playing) TV4
Thu 12/12
17:00 CET        Q2 (Swiss, if playing)    SRF highlights
20:00 CET        Q4 (Czech, if playing)   CTV

Sat 14/12
14:00 CET        Semi-final Q2 - Q3        YLE, SRF highlights, if playing)/TV4
17:00 CET        Semi-final Q1 - Q4        TV4, CTV, if playing
Sun 15/12
12:30 CET        Bronze             YLE, CTV, TV4 if playing, SRF highlights if playying/LTV, Eurosport Nordic Window (delayed)
15:30 CET        Final                 CTV, TV4, YLE, LTV and SRF, If playing, Eurosport Nordic Window (delayed)

Skupina ČEZ
Ostrava - City of sport

Moravskoslezský kraj
Konica Minolta

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