WFC 2013

In case of Your interest in becoming a member of the TEAM 2013, You only have to fill out this form. Based on your registration a confirmation email will be sent, including additional information regarding activities of the TEAM 2013 and the system of preparations of the World Championships. Later You will receive an agreement, by signing which You commit yourself to working in the TEAM 2013

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With my signature I confirm that I want to become a Team 2013 member. I agree that I will be sent electronic information concerning the World Floorball Championships in the Czech Republic and that I will be included in the Team 2013 database. I also agree that a person authorized to organize the World Floorball Championships processes my personal data and processes this data for the purpose of the World Championships from the time the data is provided until the end of the World Championships. If necessary, the organizer is authorized to pass processing of this data to third parties.

Skupina ČEZ
Ostrava - City of sport

Moravskoslezský kraj
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