WFC 2013

19 April 2013

It's simple! You can help with organizational tasks on the spot, at the championships venues. And if you don't have time, but still have enthusiasm or want to help during the preparations, you can become the World Championships Ambassador.

I am organizing the World Championships on the spot

- organizational tasks right at the venues,
- provision of the course of the championships in individual sections.

Overview of sections and a brief summary of related tasks for
World Championships organizers on the spot:

Area Brief description of the area Basic requirements
Accreditations and administration Ensuring registration of World Championships participants; there will also be a need of assistants helping with general organization (various organizational and administrative tasks), administrative work, work on PC, communication with World Championships participants, providing information, finding out information, office tasks good English command (command of other languages welcome), communication skills, work on PC
Media Basic service for the work of journalists, photographers, help with installation of TV technology, provision of operation of the press centre language command (especially English), basic orientation in IT technologies
Transportation Drivers –transportation of individuals, transportation coordination etc. driver's licence and experience, knowledge of the venue city (Brno x Ostrava)
Team guides Team assistants – constant assistance to individual teams (dealing with problems, helping ensure team requirements during the World Championships)/ command of the team's language is ideal, or at least good command of English, good communication skills, self-reliance
Website Team member of the World Championships' official website, writing articles, taking photos for the World Championships' official website, website administration, translation etc. editorial experience, photography experience, possibly command of English or knowledge of web applications
Professional staff in arenas Professional staff at the venues during games; timekeepers, penalty time keepers; work in the backstage reliability, self-reliance, professional attitude, command of English is an advantage, experience
Statistics Collection and processing of statistic data reliability, self-reliance
IT technology Preparation of communication networks before the World Championships, dealing with technical issues during the championships etc. orientace v IT technologiích, spolehlivost, samostatnost
VIP Provision of VIP services, hostesses, VIP attendance command of foreign languages, pleasant behaviour, communication skills
Accompanying events and programmes Help with preparations and during the accompanying programmes, organizers, hostesses etc. organizing skills, pleasant demeanour, communication skills
Security Providing security services in arenas and around them, accreditations control etc. communication skills

Ambassador during preparations for the World Championships 4 steps towards breaking the records:
- I share my enthusiasm for the World Championships on social networks
- I fight to gain new spectators
- I promote the World Championships in my surroundings
- I organize my own opening party

Overview of sections and brief description of activities for the World Championships Ambassadors:

Area Brief description of the area Basic requirements
Social networks I share my enthusiasm for the World Championships on social networks – I share Facebook contents, publish videos from the YouTube channel and share photos from Flicker and other social channels of the World Championships Creativity, knowledge of the environment of social networks
Fight for new spectators I offer tickets to people in my surroundings; via your own link, which you will receive from the organizers, people purchase tickets and you receive points for their purchases Communication skills
Promotion I promote the World Championships in my surroundings – I distribute posters, leaflets and materials for other special events. Help at promotional events Flexibility, knowledge of the sports environment in one's surroundings
I organize an opening party If I cannot attend the World Championships' opening ceremony in person, I will organize my own opening ceremony, make a video of it and share it on Facebook. Organizing skills and creativeness
Skupina ČEZ
Ostrava - City of sport

Moravskoslezský kraj
Konica Minolta

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